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Todd Clarkston

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About Me.

Hi! My name is Todd Clarkston and I’m a(n) UI API DB Developer.
I am a seasoned veteran of the online landscape, with the battle scars to prove it. Initially interested in aerospace engineering, I decided to postpone my higher education for a time to try my hand at building a website for the family business, an opportunity that would instantly highlight my undiscovered knack. Buoyed by the success, I spent several years as a freelance web developer before the dot com bust would prompt me to change both my address and my full-time employment status, moving to Utah to work in tech support for Alorica. But it wasn't until I later landed another tech support job at Teleperformance USA that my development talent would truly be recognized, leading me to be hired in a developer position. It was here I would find my true programming love in life: .Net. My experience with the very first version would blossom into a lifelong commitment and a slew of senior and consultant roles at the likes of Certiport, JP Morgan Chase, SPIREMEDIA, eBags, Visa, and the Federal Reserve. Now with over 20 years of web development experience, I provide my expertise to my clients from my company, WireServers

  • Age: 49 Years
  • City: Highlands Ranch, CO
  • Study: Metropolitan State University
  • Website: WireServers
  • Mail:
  • Phone: (866)508-8066
  • Current Job: CEO/Freelancer
  • Freelance Status: Available
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Public-facing and interal websites and web applicatons. We offer both maintenance and complete applications from scratch. Applications contain most of today's newest UI technology, APIs, and DBs. Desktop Saas applications maintenance and development.


DB and large schema creation, security, and deployment.


Security analysis, OWASP top 10 vulnerability mitigation, SSL, OAuth, Cryptography, Security Models, and more.


WireServers LLC

CEO (2009 - Current)

WireServers is a web development firm that I started for freelance work and side hustles. However, now it has started to grow into much more. We offer full development services as an agency as well.

Freelance Project Work:


  • Full Stack development.ASP.NET/MVC/Core, Xamarin Forms, C#, WPF, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Angular, Knockout, API, RabbitMQ, Python, Django, Flask, AWS
  • Web API, AWS API Gateway, RESTful services, SOA, and Microservices
  • Managing Aws DevOps, including Lambda, CloudFormation, S3, EC2, Incognito, Route53, and more
  • Application support
  • Proof of concepts in Xamarin Forms
  • Architect/Team Lead/Sr. Developer
  • Participate in cross-team collaboration
  • Docker image and container management
  • Security and risk mitigation, OWASP Top 10 Mitigation
  • Provide support to junior/mid developers
  • Query and DB Design using LINQ, Entity Framework, Dapper, and Entity Framework

Project Descriptions: - is a large scale, vacation rental website. It would provide users with the ability to search for vacation rental properties in any country. The application featured a large amount of jQuery, mapping and location functionality, and a large property and user management system. This project was featured on Wheel of Fortune in January 2011.

Technologies Used:
ASP.NET/C# 4.0, Entity Framework, SQL 2008, jQuery - We were hired to provide all of the backend database development, middle tier, and front end programming. We took design mocks and wired up the functionality using MVC, jQuery, and mapping and location functionality.

Technologies Used:
ASP.NET MVC/C# 4.0, Entity Framework, SQL 2008, jQuery
Sr. Software Developer (05/2018 – 07/2019)

WellDyneRX is one of the nation’s top Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). They specialize in high-capacity prescription mail order services and retail pharmacy management. The prescription mail ordering services currently process 15 million orders a year.

  • Full stack development using MVC/C#, ASP.NET Web API (RESTful), Knockout.js, Enterprise Library, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap 4
  • Managing DevOps, including Azure DevOps and CI Builds
  • Application support for all applications used in the organization
  • Creating proof of concepts
  • Architecture
  • Participate in cross-team collaboration
  • Docker image and container management
  • Security and risk mitigation
  • Provide support to junior/mid developers
  • Query and DB support using SQL Scripts, LINQ, and Entity Framework
  • Develop power shell scripts for use in deployments

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Senior Software Engineer (2013 - 2018)

FRB is considered the bank of banks. They are responsible for controlling the nations monetary policy, supervising and regulating banks, and maintain financial system stability, to name a few. The KC branch employs 11,000 across 4 banks.

Project Description:

Examiner Application - This application is a national enterprise application developed to give bank examiners for all 50 states access to all of a banks information and history in one place. It is a combination of MVC and Single-Page App communicating with RESTful Services.


Software Engineer Duties:

  • Full-stack development using MVC/C# 5.0, Angular 2, ASP.NET Web API 2 (RESTful), SQL 2012, Enterprise Library, Entity Framework, Typescript, knockout.js, jQuery, OO JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Table designs and stored procs.

Lead Developer:

  • Team lead of 4 developers, 1 SQA, and 1 DBA
  • Provide mentoring and support for jr/mid/sr team members
  • Coordinate with other leads, project managers, and business analysts
  • Manage the development work and performance within the team
  • Perform peer-reviews
  • Run development meetings
  • Maintained code quality using SonarQube
  • Collaborate with Dev Ops and many other technical teams in the system


  • Evaluate and provide direction for Security
  • Coordinate between the various districts on getting security, quality, and usability approvals from oversight departments
  • Created and maintained standards for use with development team
  • Evaluated external software vendor software
  • Provide support to the development team whenever necessary


Website Development

Angular JS-11



Programming Languages

Visual Basic


ASP.NET Identity

Object-relational Mapping (ORM)

Entity Framework

Contact Me.


Highlands Ranch, CO USA

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